How’s your year been so far? What is your story?
Cause mine… took an unexpected turn.
I’m burning to walk on the beach or to go for a swim, but I physically can’t.
Let’s rewind to the start of the year. New year, new opportunities. It started fantastic. I got home from my grandparents that live 1500 km away. I had work lined up for me. Did some job shadowing to learn a bit more of how a jewellery company operates. It was all going great.
Till I went for a swim.
My knee popped and locked. I used to do pop and locking back in 2017 which was dancing. This pop and lock was a tad more serious.
I went to the hospital to relocate my knee. Did an MRI scan and saw that I tore my ACL. During the procedure of the operation they found that my meniscus was also shredded. Shredded sounds a bit exaggerated.
Bottom line, it was not good and I had to get a full surgery.
The Butterfly Effect
After being dispatched from the hospital, I was unable to work behind the bench for a while. I became isolated for some time. I had to make a plan.
Got my PC positioned to keep learning. I’m someone who likes to stay busy.
Luckily my mental health was in a good space, at first. Slowly it started crumbling a bit because it was like lock down all over again. Isolated for 2 months, pain meds and sleeping, and very few visitors.
I started writing to have an outlet to empty my mind. And during that time I also decided to detox from social media. No distractions, Me, Myself, and I asking deeper questions by the day while recovering.
Eventually I got onto my two feet again, but now I don’t want to work as what I originally planned. I dislike you can go sleep when you are dead because that is not the lifestyle I want.
After spending the two consecutive weekends away from home somehow triggered my reset button. In short, it was what I needed in order to fully shift the gears in my mind.
Weekend 23
I was isolated from the outside world for a while and here rose the opportunity to get out. My friend invited me to help him shoot his first music video. A few days before I had some hesitation to go or not. But I knew somehow it would do me good. So I went.
In this weekend I got to meet a crew of youngsters [same age as me], and three other oaks where I had to stay over for the few nights. It was chaotic at first but we got our groove near the end. It was fantastic. It was what I needed, even though it was long hours and we did not get plenty of sleep, it was exactly what I needed.
I finally got the chance to narrow down the lifestyle I want. It is definitely not doing this every day of my life. I got to find value in sleep again.
Takeaways of this weekend is:
- Communication
- Transparency
- Do not be afraid to step on someone else’s toes.
- Love one another. Help where you can.
- Become the leader in the chaos. Leadership comes in various forms.
Personally, I discovered that I have good people skills, especially when I’m in the right environment.

Do not believe in the lies you tell yourself. Find ways to break the perception barrier of lies. Question is, how honest are you truly to yourself?

Weekend 24
On short notice, my parents said we’re going to Stilbaai. I went with them. A time to be with the family. Away from media. I won’t have to charge my phone for those three days.
This weekend is the total opposite of the previous one. Only rest. So I brought my camera along. Where do I find myself? Taking a timelapse of the stars during Loadshedding in the cold winter night.
That night was very significant. It reminded me of so many things, but most of them all is that this is the creation of God. What do you do while you are waiting for the timelapse to finish? I spent the time meditating.
Midway the neighbour’s backup porch lights came on. To this very moment I am still struggling to comprehend that I walked all the way, knocked on their door, and asked them to switch off the lights. They switched the lights off and I went back guarding my camera. I freaked out after that whole situation.
I was bold enough to go to a total stranger’s house and ask them for a favour. Only to get a shot that I wanted.
The ripple effect of showing boldness in that moment is shining through to this day. I am not shy any more to take videos or photos to get what I want. I am more willing to do the effort to get what I want than ever before. The boldness is bleeding over to other parts of my life. I am grateful for this and that one moment.
Take away of Stilbaai
- Be bold. It will get you further than you could ever imagine.
- Find a way to prove to yourself that you are capable.
- Rest. You generate more ideas and become more productive when you have a deep rest that contrasts with work. Rest is as important as work.

The sky is not the limit. It is your mind. It is what you limit yourself to.
Otherwise we wouldn’t have reached space.
Break your limiting beliefs to achieve more than greatness.
~ Timo van Wyk

NEW STATE — My Plans
Soon I will be 22. Since I graduated I have been working on improving myself. I have learned enough to figure out my goals for the next upcoming 365 days. Long term is easy to think of, but figuring out the steps in between is trickier for me, because of the unexpected twist and turns.
I don’t want to work 24/8 or till the day I die. How I am planning on countering that is by hitting my goals in the next 365 days.
Jewellery manufacturing has it’s ways but I am thinking of breaking the limits that it brings by creating combo skills.
What Are Combo Skills?
I will be joining my digital and tangible skills together.
I am able to make jewellery. I am able to make videos. Combine the two.
I have enough knowledge and skills to execute the two as a whole.
We tend to postpone/procrastinate on something we know that can become greatness, but subconsciously we are too lazy/afraid to take on the challenge.
It’s called self sabotage.
In the next 365 days I will become much more YouTube orientated. Making jewellery will stay as my main job, but in order to make it much more fulfilling for me, is by documenting my work.
Going Forward
It won’t be easy, it will be hard work, but this is the route I will go.
I decided to start my business model from scratch again. It will be renewed as the phoenix.

Safe Travels — Sleep Safe