yellow building in Cape Town used as background with Timo sitting infront. Background is blurred bringing focus on the face.

"I Want To Create To Inspire"

I am a 22 year old with the vision of wanting to create to inspire.
A manufacturing jeweller with four years of experience.
A film production enthusiast. So I create content with Blender and make short films in my spare time. Currently I am doing photography as a side hustle.
The biggest lesson I've learnt is that perfectionism is a creative killer.
In order to create to inspire, I have to make allot of sh*t...
So the question is; Where do I start?
Memories are captured to prevent the mind from altering the past.
Dust to value - Exodus 31:3-5
Handmade jewellery is buying into an experience, not a product.
Whatever I can imagine, I can Create. The mind is the limit, not the sky.
Dwell on curiosity to find more.
Writing is the beginning of passing on information.
Contact only if you are a serious artist
Thank you!