Do you feel time is always spiralling out of your control? Well that’s how it felt to me for a while, until I found a way…
Holistic: characterized by the belief that the parts of something are interconnected and can be explained only by reference to the whole.  —  Google Dictionary
First we should know why. Why do you want to have control over time? Why did I want to have control over time? Or more of, why do we want to create an illusion that we have control over time?
It’s really simple. We want to feel in control over our own lives.
Time is always moving constantly and never waiting for anyone. It makes life fair.
Unfortunately I am unable to tell what you situation currently is, but I can tell you what my motive was when I tried to create the sense of controlling time.
My Motive
I knew that I didn’t have control over everything, but I do have control over my time… management. I was a heavy procrastinator. I created a schedule to procrastinate less. It worked. But the bad side is, it later became an obsession that I have to be on time with everything on that list.
Unfortunately/Fortunately, life will throw curve balls at you. People will be asking for favours, there is traffic, etc. The one curve ball that got to me the most was load shedding [power cutouts].
At the beginning, load shedding was not too bad, but it ended up becoming more unpredictable over time, preventing me from sticking to a weekly routine. What did I do? I created a day by day routine. It actually made things worse, though I am still doing a day by day planning but with a mindset for structure.
The Negatives
Deeply into this mindset of wanting a sense of control over time, made me more stressed without even knowing it. Along with this stress I became more snappy towards people. Less keen to help or even spend 2 minutes doing a chore. Having manners also started to slip away. It almost felt like I went berserk if I needed to change my plans on short notice or load shedding suddenly took place.
My mental load began to fill up much quicker than usual.
I became to feel much more anxious.
Every unproductive day made me feel terrible.
My mood shifted negatively.
It was unhealthy.
The Mind Shift
It is really easy to say “Be holistic”. Fortunately it is easy, if you have a growing mindset. Having a fixed mindset will make it harder, because it depends on how much the person is willing to change.
Holistic: characterized by the belief that the parts of something are interconnected and can be explained only by reference to the whole. — Google Dictionary
Shifting your mindset is the conditioning of your mind thinking in a certain way. How do you think in a certain way? You talk to yourself. It’s what you say to yourself.
Your words, external and internal, is a form of energy that your body hears. If you tell yourself you’re not good enough, you’ll start feeling terrible at a later stage. If you tell yourself that you are capable of greatness, you will feel more confident at a later stage.
I am a believer, so my way of telling is as follows:
God has put you on this planet because you are a part of His great plan. You are part of the bigger picture that us humans struggle to see.
We plan our own path but God establishes our footsteps [Proverbs 16:9].
We plan what we want in life, what we think is the best for us. Fortunately, God has bigger plans for you because our minds can only imagine to a certain extent, while God has no limitations at all.
When you grasp the idea that He has bigger plans for you, it will make you to want to walk in His will. 
If you are not a believer, you can change the words “God’s will” to “being holistic” which is the exact same concept.
The Epiphany
Take it in for a moment, walking in God’s will/being holistic means that you are giving control over to something bigger than you in order to achieving something far greater than you think you ever will.
My Testimony: Why I Believe This Is The Way To Think.
If it was not for me learning how to manufacture jewellery for 3 years, I wouldn’t have met person A.
I had a knee injury in 2017 that I thought was minor, but after 6 years showed that it was definitely not. The injury was major. I was hospitalised and met person B. I had a nice discussion with person B and ended up volunteering to mentor person C.
Little did I know I had already met person C. The moment I met person C… it was person A the whole time. Small world, isn’t it? What a coincidence. Now by coincidence I mean God’s will.
Why? because if you connect the dots of the past, every event in time had a reason. Take away my manufacturing years, I would not have met person A. This would also mean that I would not have had a relatable understanding towards him. Take away the knee operation, I would not have ended up mentoring person A due to not meeting person B.
Divine timing [God’s timing]. If it was earlier, I would not have been in the right mindset. If it was later, I absolutely have no idea how it would have turned out, but I do have a feeling that this person also has a role to play in a part of my life.
The Solution
- Take the time to remind yourself to take it slow and think holistic.
- If something is a regular problem/frustration, problem solve.
- Talk to yourself. If it seems ridiculous, talk to yourself in your head. Your thoughts does not live rent free in your head.
- Work on shifting your mind into a growing mindset.
- See the curve balls as purposeful events.
- A bad day is only an eventful day in the end. Learn from it.
Take The Time — Everything Has A Time And Place
It is all up to you to work on that mindset of yours. I only gave the topic, solution, and story. You are the one who decides if you are willing to try or not.
Remember, changing your mindset does not happen over night. It takes time. To start thinking holistically, it takes time and practice. Every time you catch yourself trying to control time or you get upset because of outside events, tell yourself to think holistic. Emotion is a feeling of the present.
Everything has a time and place because of purpose. The moment you grasp this, you will feel more free.

Safe Travels — Sleep Safe