Colors… Bright colors in my face, easily for 2+ hours. Instagram, this is not what I wanted. Stop. That is all that I can do in order to take back what is mine. I’m tired of being the product.
Did you know that people on an average spends around 2 hours 24 minutes a day on Instagram! Well I was one of them until I decided to get rid of Instagram from my phone. No, I didn’t use the app time limiter this time because that did not work in the past.
When I had the discipline and control of how much time I spent on Instagram, it somehow just knows how to slowly creep back up to getting you in that doom scrolling phase.
I quit Instagram because of the time it took of me to perform, that lead to burnout, stress or wasting time doom scrolling. Algorithms, trends, stupid stuff, depression and more. It is all bad things caused by Instagram, and we still go back to it so easily because our phones are quickly accessible. If you’re someone who does not have any relation to what I have said so far and have total control… Congratulations on being part of the few percentile.
It Is Better To Delete
The less apps I have on my phone, the more productive I start finding myself to be. If I do go on my phone out of habit, well there’s nothing to go to.
Unfortunately we always find a way to fill that time because we all are pros at procrastinating [hence pro in the word itself]. It is at least easier to procrastinate less when we remove the major factors like Instagram from our productivity equations.
Later I downloaded Facebook to look on Marketplace for some nice deals which I did get, but recently, I realised that it ended up being as the filler for Instagram.
I needed to delete. Keeping my phone clean from social media apps.
If there is nothing, then scrolling on the phone won’t last that long. Okay, maybe sort through my picture albums, I need to do that at some time or later. No! Yes. Maybe.
The Conflict
As you can see I’m in this constant internal conflict when it comes to my phone and choice making. Yes, the problem might seem to be the phone but the root is me as the individual who uses that device.
When cellphones came into existence it was meant for calling someone. Now it has so many features that the phone itself is the ultimate gadget to achieve greater things in life if you utilise it correctly. Unfortunately it can also go to the opposite direction and cause you to stagnate in life.
Every person is different and has different problems, and each one has their own ways to solve those problems. Some problems are common while others are more rare which creates a story for each individual life. My “solution” to become more productive is deleting Instagram alongside Facebook, from my phone. But little did I know that we tend to shift our problems than to solve it as a whole if we are not fully aware of the consequences.
My Discoveries
What you do on social media does have a ripple effect. When I stopped sharing reels to my friends, so did they stop sending back, creating a smaller time frame for being on Instagram for example.
- Remove the distraction in order to stop procrastinating and become more productive.
- Become fully aware of what the distraction entails as a whole.
- When the distraction is removed, make sure to fill that habit with something productive. If you’re unable to focus, go for a walk or push ups, pull ups etc. get the blood flowing to initiate refocus.
- Having your phone out of sight creates a more focus atmosphere. Trust me, you glimpse at your phone way more regular than to your watch when working.
Deleting Instagram was one of the many steps, but a major step for me to becoming more productive. It took away the haze/cloudiness that took my focus away from what I wanted to do. Now I feel much more creative 33 days after deleting Instagram from my phone. At the end of the day, I feel like I have achieved plenty more things than in the past [I now have 10% “extra time” in my day].
You can also do this because the world does not revolve around social media. Social Media surely does have an influence on our world, but at what cost?

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